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Q: When you unlock a car, is it free of damaged?

Of course. We use special tools and we make sure no damage is made to your car. Our specialized locksmiths have unlocked more than 8000 cars in the past year. We are committed to provide the best service possible.

Q: Can you make special car keys?

In Key n Lock our specialty is car key making. We can make all kinds of keys for cars: regular ignition keys, keys with chip, push to start keys, fob replacement, among others. We not only make the key, we also provide the programming service for any of those keys.

Q: How can you make a key for my car if I have lost it completely?

It’s not an easy job, but we have the equipment necessary to succeed. We have a laser cutting machine that can cut any shape of any key. For this we use the VIN number of your car and we cut a key exactly like the one that you used to have. Then, we have our programming machine that connects with your car computer and that allow us to program it specifically for your car.

Q: If I got my keys stolen and you made me a new one, the other one stops working?

Yes, definitely. If you have an ignition that requires a key with a chip then once we program a new key for you, the older one stops working automatically. If you have a car with no chip in the key then probably you will need to replace the ignition and the cylinders on the door. The locksmith will need to examine the car in the spot.

Q: Is there some kind of guarantee in case my key stops working?

Yes! In case your key stops working we have a guarantee of 1 year. The only requirement you need is the receipt of payment of the date when the work was done.

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