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Buzzer Systems Repairs and Installation NYC

Electric Strikes

Today many businesses are calling our locksmith and requesting buzzer systems. What they really mean is there looking for and electric strike. They’re asking for a buzzer system because of the buzzing sound electric strike makes when it’s set up in the alternating current mode.

An electric strike is most often used on glass storefront doors. Although they can also be installed on any door such as in homes or the door that leads from the waiting room area into the back of the doctor’s office.

What an electric does is release the strike plate of the door. Your house storage home has a knob lock that you normally turned to gain entry. What electric strike does instead of retracting the latch of the door, it releases the plate of the door. That’s the part of your home door that’s on the frame that your latch goes into.

What we do is cut out the frame of the door to allow a latch to be inserted that has a solenoid in it that releases the latch and lets it moved to the open position when power is applied.

Most of the customers calling for it to be installed on the front door of their business currently have a bolt lock installed on the front door. We remove that bolt and converted to a latch. A bolt you have to open and close with a key or thumb turn, a latch will automatically lock each time the door closes. When we do this conversion we also have to convert the inside thumb turn or mortise cylinder to either a paddle or a lever. We have to be able to let the people leave from the inside easily. You are able to keep the mortise cylinder that you are currently using on the front of the door.

We also have to install a transformer to give power to the electric strike and also run a wire in place of button where ever you want to be able to sit or stand and allow the latch to release.

Some businesses request in place of the button a remote control similar to the one that is used for garage door. This allows for freedom of movement while still being able to operate the strike. Some people do not realize that the strikes are so quiet the customers don’t know when they’re actually released. Occasionally customers request either a wired or wireless doorbell system to let them know when someone is waiting at the door.

Instead of an electric strike we also offer a very large electric magnet that is mounted at the top of the door frame and can withstand anywhere between 500 or 4000 pounds of pressure. These generally run a little more, but they allow you to keep your current lock on the door for added security night.

Some businesses elect to replace the key to the front door, mortise cylinder, at the same time and change it to a restricted key way.

The advantage of a restricted key way is when an employee leaves the locks do not have to be rekeyed.