Security is essential in today’s society. For residential, commercial, and automobile applications, among others, you want to trust your security need to a certified locksmith.

Although some uncertified locksmiths are capable of performing good work, you take a risk by hiring someone in this field without the right qualifications. In addition to certification, some locksmiths are licensed, which is even better. At a minimum, you want a locksmith who has completed the appropriate certification process for even small jobs.

Certification Programs

There is a number of organizations that offer certification for locksmiths; two that stand out are the Society of Professional Locksmiths, or SOPL, and Associated Locksmiths of America, or ALOA. Both of these organizations have a long history of excellence in the curriculum offered and training methods used.

A certified locksmith can demonstrate proficiency within many different security-oriented areas. In order to become certified, an individual is required to complete extensive courses and pass the Proficiency Registration Program that consists of 36 total categories. Each of the categories is mandatory; they include:

  • Basic Master Keying
  • Cylinder Servicing
  • Cabinet, Furniture, and Mailbox Locks
  • Codes and Code Equipment
  • Key Duplication
  • Key Blank Identification
  • Key Impressing
  • Lockset Functions
  • Lockset Servicing
  • Professional Lock Opening Techniques
  • Automotive Locksmith

Primary Benefits

From locksmith’s standpoint, being certified offers a number of advantages. For example, to customers and among peers, this individual can show advanced knowledge. In addition, a certified locksmith gains immediate credibility within the industry. There is also the benefit of being able to advance quicker and enjoy better earning potential.

Of course, there are also huge benefits in hiring a certified locksmith for you as the customer. Today, security is more important than any other time in history, so trusting your lock issues to someone is a big deal. Having a certified locksmith in New York City Key n Lock work on your home, business, or automobile brings incredible peace of mind along with a higher level of security.

This individual took the time to complete a challenging certification program, which shows dedication to the work. In addition, since a certified locksmith is also bonded and insured, you have coverage should any damage occur due to the work performed. As stated, there are significant risks in hiring someone who is not certified, so rather than deal with additional unwanted problems, it makes sense to hire the right person from the start.

Remember, a certified locksmith is qualified to do more than just change out locks. In addition to standard lock installation and repair, this professional can install and repair biometric and high-tech locks, panic buttons, surveillance cameras, security systems, and much more.