When most homeowners think of security, the first thing that comes to mind is the doors that provide entry to their house. What most fail to realize is that the garage is usually the most easily accessible part of the home for burglars. And while the garage holds many items valuable for resale and thus prized targets for burglars, in the case of attached garages once an entry is gained, this provides cover for taking whatever means are necessary for gaining entry to the rest of the home. Securing the garage door is often the first priority for securing the garage and the rest of the home. Garage door security involves everything from garage door locks, to garage door openers, to the type of garage door installed.

Update Your Garage Door Opener

Automatic garage door openers play a major role in garage door security. Depending on its age, your garage door remote may have a feature that allows the setting of a unique code for transmission to the opener. However, there are devices called ‘code grabbers’ used by thieves; these intercept and store a garage opener’s code so that it can be subsequently retransmitted at an opportune time, opening the garage door on command. Newer garage door openers defeat code grabbers by utilizing what is called rolling code technology, where a new code, selected from among 100 billion choices, is transmitted each time the opener is used. You should find out whether your opener utilizes rolling codes. And whatever type of opener you have, don’t leave the remote in your vehicle. If your car is stolen, or is parked in the driveway and broken into, access to your garage is just a push-button away.

Secure and Cover Windows

Windows on a garage door can be a security risk. Thieves can check out the contents of your garage by simply looking through the windows. Your garage, and potentially your entire home, could become a target if thieves see items in your garage of sufficient value to make the risk of burglarizing your home worthwhile. Another advantage garage door windows give thieves is the ability to see whether your car is in the garage, so they can know when you are not home. The most secure types of garage doors are those without windows. The next best option, if you have a door with windows, is simply to cover the windows.

Make Sure Locks Are Secure

Garage door locks are usually designed to lock the throw latch. While they may not be convenient to use when everyday entry and exit from the garage is needed, these locks should be used to secure the door if you will be away from home for any period of time. For doors not equipped with a lock, c-clamps can be tightened along each door track, to block the raising of the door.

The garage is the area of your home most vulnerable to burglary, and entry to the garage can often mean relatively easy entry to the rest of your home. The security of your garage door is the key to securing your garage and is often the first line of defense for overall home security. Selecting the right kind of garage door can make your home a less inviting target. Understanding when to use garage door locks and the potential vulnerabilities associated with garage door openers can also enhance your home’s security. If you need more tips to secure your garage door just Call your local Locksmith in New York City.