The best way to choose an emergency locksmith is to get the names of several locksmiths and compare their services and prices. The process will be a lot easier if you get information on locksmiths before there’s an emergency. That way, you’ll know exact how to call if you are ever in need of emergency locksmith services.

Finding Emergency Locksmith Companies

The difficulty of this part of the process will depend on the size of the city or town where you live. A decent-sized city should have several locksmith providers. Smaller towns may have only one, but locksmiths in nearby towns may be willing come to you in order to get new business. Find any friends or family members who can recommend locksmiths they have previously used. Look also for companies that advertise in the newspaper or phone book.
Ask Questions in Person to Each Emergency Locksmith

Research several locksmiths. It’s a good idea to go to the locksmith and take a look at the business in person and ask questions about their experience and services. Another advantage of the interview process is that you get a better feel for the locksmith or owner of the company in person, as opposed to over the phone.

Ask about qualifications. Many states have locksmith organizations that may include licensing procedures.
Do they offer 24-hour services? It’s best to use the same locksmith for jobs during regular business hours and for emergencies that can occur at any time of the day or night. Make sure you ask about the costs related to after-hour services.
Get a list of services. Does the locksmith handle home, auto and business services? What are the costs? Do they offer any specials – rekeyed locks for a home at one price, or something like that?
Ask for a list of references. Don’t just assume you wouldn’t get the name of a customer who wouldn’t give a good recommendation. Call up the references and make sure there is someone on the list who has recently used the locksmith.
Ask about insurance. Most businesses will provide proof of insurance.

Check the Credentials of the Emergency Locksmith Companies Being Considered

See if your state has a locksmith association and give them a call to find out about the emergency locksmith businesses you are considering. Check with the Better Business Bureau, which can offer information on the number of complaints received by a company, as well as how the company handled those complaints. Many local courts offer lawsuit searches online. Find a court of general jurisdiction where the limit for lawsuits exceeds minimal levels. State district courts or local county courts are often the right choices. Don’t forget to check both civil and criminal divisions to see if the locksmith company has been involved in many lawsuits.