Deadbolts offer a greater degree of protection for door locks, and are particularly important for exterior doors and for the door that connects to the garage

Deadbolts offer a greater degree of protection for door locks, and are particularly important for exterior doors and for the door that connects to the garage. Those are the doors that are most likely to be attacked by burglars. And doors are clearly a target, with FBI statistics showing that more than 40 percent of all break-ins involving the doors in a home.
Deadbolts Can Slow Down a Burglar

There are a number of different ways burglars can choose to defeat a door and enter a home. Top-quality deadlocks can, at the very least, make it more difficult for a burglar to break into a home. Whether the burglar attempts to pick the lock, drill out the lock, pry off the lock with wrenches or pliers or spread apart the door frame, a strong deadbolt can make the job a little more difficult. The strongest deadbolts all share these qualities:

Grade 1 strength. A Grade 1 deadbolt lock is the strongest type available, based on standards recommended to the American National Standards Institute by the Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association. Locks are given three grades and Grade 1 offers the most protection.
Double cylinder lock. With double cylinder deadbolts, a key is needed to get in or out of the house. While this raises some issues in the event of an emergency, security experts say it is helpful to always have the inside key readily available. Depending on the location of the door and the nearest window, or if the door has any sidelights, burglars know they can enter many homes by reaching inside and turning the knob. A double cylinder lock eliminates that threat.
Pins to resist saws. These pins spin around in the deadbolt. So when someone tries to cut off the deadbolt, the hacksaw instead simply spins around and around because of the pins inside the deadbolt.
Deadbolts with at least 1-inch throw. The throw is the amount of space the deadbolt extends out. Most security experts recommend at least 1 inch throw to offer the maximum
Drill-eating steel bits. A deadbolt with bits of steel inside can defeat most drills. As the drill hits the steel bits, the tip of the drill is damaged.
Steel gauge, beveled casing. This serves two purposes. The burglar trying to saw off the lock and deadbolt won’t be able to get through the steel gauge metal. Meanwhile, the beveled design makes it nearly impossible for pliers or a wrench to grab and twist a lock.

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